Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 22″ Recycler® Mower

Our 60-volt battery-powered mower with Personal Pace Auto-Drive™ transmission adjusts to you in real time. RunSmart® onboard intel optimizes RPMs and workload. Vortex turbocharged airflow. It’s cordless self-propelled on steroids.


America’s #1 selling mower brand.** Most powerful battery in its class.

So many easy ways to up your cutting game.

Vortex cutting deck.

Turbocharged airflow keeps clippings suspended longer, cutting them over and over and over. Easier bagging. No clumps on the lawn. Pure mulching perfection.

Goes with your flow.

Personal Pace® Auto-Drive™ transmission. We're talking serious AI here. On. A. Lawnmower. Sensing how fast you walk, it continually calculates, recalculates, and adjusts accordingly. It also knows when you're going up hills and sends extra oomph to the wheels.

Brushless motor with RunSmart®

Onboard intel optimizes RPMs and torque in real time, for more power, more runtime, and longer tool life. Extra power when you need it, less power when you don't. All good.

60V Max* 22″ Recycler® Mower Models


With 6.0Ah Battery and Charger
Model Number: 21466
What's In The Box:
60V Max 22" Recycler Mower
60V Max L324 Ultra Capacity Battery (6.0Ah)
60V Max Charger (2 Amp)
Tool Only
Model Number: 21466T
What's In The Box:
60V Max 22" Recycler Mower
Toro® 60V Max 22
What Customers Are Saying
Flex-Force Power System®
Pro Review
The Lawn Care Nut

“I’m a gas man all the way and to find a battery motor that performs this well is really exciting to me and I’m going to use this in the future”

“It’s a pleasure to mow.”
It’s a pleasure to mow. Starts easily, self propelled makes pushing almost unnecessary. Perfect for grass yards in Arizona.
- Dave61
“Mower was ready to go, right out of the box.”
Mower was ready to go, right out of the box. Simply charge the battery, look over the instructions, and you are mowing. The mower is quiet, powerful, and fairly maneuverable in tight spaces. Love the way it folds up for storage. No worries about oil or gas leaking out. Overall a great mower.
- TLB50
“Toro steel deck electric”
steel deck a true lawn mower that just happens to be electric. get it down off the rack. put it next to the other electrics in the aisle. this is the one. do not walk out of there with one of the other kind. toro sells a slighly bigger battery or even a bundle if you have a huge yard. this is fine for my half acre lot. personal pace is a dream. see that handle that sort of floats on that other handle? it works off of pressure. you literally just start walking and it knows how fast you want to go. delicate edges are fun and easy. you just rest your palms on the fixed handle and gently put pressure on the floating handle as it eases up to a curb or obstacle. I have always had used mowers. now that I own this excellent machine I will stay with toro. you tube has a video where a guy tries one of these compared to the plastic ones. toro wins in his opinion. I agree. this mower is awesome. quiet? yes. like a giant box fan. light? I mean I guess...but not so much that its constantly bouncing off the ground. it stays put and does its job as good as a gas motor because it has a bit of mass to it.
- Anonymous
“I am delighted with this mower!”
I am delighted with this mower! I have not used a self-propelled walk-behind mower since I was a kid, and it’s fantastic! It is easy to use, and because the handle slides a bit to control the speed automatically, it goes the same speed you’re walking, whatever speed that it. It works so well and so effortlessly that my five-year-old mowed the lawn. She was not scared of the noise because it is relatively quiet (none of my kids can handle the noise of our other mower, a plug-in electric). I did not have ear protection on, either; it is great to use! The steel deck appears well-made, as expected from Toro. The battery pack and charger are awesome—fan-cooled and clicks in to lock securely. I hung the charger from a shelf-support in the garage, but the hottest month or two here in AZ I’ll have to charge the battery in the house since it’s not supposed to charge at temps over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The mower can be used at up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so no problems there. Starting is a two-step process—push the removable start button while pulling the handle back. This is excellent for me since my young kids are not able to start it without me—they like to help, and I want them to help, but I can pull the start button out and walk away if needed for a moment knowing the mower cannot be started. I’m impressed with how well it mulched up dried out vines from our garden. I tilted it up on the back wheels and then lowered it down to chop and clean up the vines, and the mower sped up because it sensed a harder work load. The slower I went the finer it chopped. It can go straight into our compost now. The height is adjustable, but I would have appreciated stamped numbers on the positions so it’s easier to adjust each wheel to match. My old mower adjusted all four wheels at the same time, whereas this one is one at a time, so I’ll probably just leave this mower at one height. One other stand-out feature to me is a 22” blade, so my lawn mowing time will be reduced from my previous mower—wider passes = fewer passes. The battery showed a half-charge when I was finished with my yard. I think we did about 1400 square feet, though we did a lot of passes because my assistant struggled to find and keep her line. I’m delighted with Toro’s mower, and expect a long service life. Better yet, because it is quiet and easy to use, I expect to mow less and my kids to mow more, fully supervised, of course. It is so fun to have them be excited and involved. Thanks, Toro, for making a mower that works so well a child can use it!
- 59ona64
“I've been dreaming about getting a eco friendly lawnmower.”
Ive been dreaming about getting a eco friendly lawnmower. I found the perfect one the Toro Recycler 22 " It has so many features. The 60 volt lithium battery installs very easily and charges in good time. It is a personal pace mower so it can easily personalize to an individuals comfort level. It had wonderful features such as the fold down handle and you can sit it up so its footprint in the garden shed is 1/4 of my old gas mower. It is super easy to start ( no more pulling a cord that hurts your arm ) and one fabulous feature to me is the hose hook up. On the top deck of the mower is a hose screw in spot where you can turn on the water start the mower and it self cleans. Brilliant, thanks Toro
- candy