Power System®

The most powerful battery in its class.

Flex Force


It’s called Flex-Force for a reason. It’s all about flexible power. Commanding a full line of cordless lawn tools that is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the one system you need to finish everything without sacrificing anything.

Toro® 60V Max Ultra Capacity Battery
More Performance

The Flex-Force Power System delivers higher max performance and tons of runtime, which means you get to push your tools harder, for longer.

Battery System
Flexible Power

Fully interchangeable battery that works across an entire team of unbeatable electric Toro tools with best-in-class performance, from handhelds all the way up to the biggest, baddest, most power hungry in our lineup.

Toro® 60V Max Ultra Capacity Battery
60 Volts of Awesome

Easy. Fast. Quiet. No engine exhaust. No hassles. No cords. Virtually no maintenance. The battery-powered lawn equipment you’ve always wanted is here.

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