Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 24″ Hedge Trimmer

Our battery-powered hedge trimmer is a beast on your bushes. Its powerful 60-volt electric motor cuts through thick branches like butter. And leaves hedges and trees looking so, so tight.


Two full feet of ferocious. Interchangeable battery. Best-in-class performance.

The ultimate edge on the hedge.

Now THAT'S a blade.

24 inches of hardened steel with ¾” cutting capacity. Its dual-action punch not only makes mincemeat of leaves and branches, it makes you twice as effective.

Black hole for branches.

Our proprietary blade technology grabs branches, pulls them in and keeps them there until they're sliced, diced, and done.

A handle that handles it all.

Wanna switch from horizontal to vertical trimming and back again? No problem. Rotate it and rock it with the flick of the wrist.

60V Max* 24″ Hedge Trimmer Models


Toro® 60V Max 24
What Customers Are Saying
Flex-Force Power System®
Pro Review
Stoney Ridge Farmer

“A commercial landscaper could use this thing…This thing is a beast… I’m impressed it does absolutely great. None of this Toro equipment has let me down. The battery life on this stuff is super-duper awesome.”

“Very handy”
Bought this after purchasing the string trimmer. This makes trimming bushes very easy. The rotating head is great. Battery last a long time on such a powerful tool.
- ds10sforHim
“Great features and easy to use”
I decided to do my own landscaping. I bought this a couple of days ago. It works great!
- GLD20
“I wanted to cut more it cut so easy!”
This is my first venture into battery powered yard tools. I'm very happy I did. No problem with fine cuts or thick stems. I'm used to dragging a 100ft extension cord to power my old 22" electric hedge trimmer. This new wireless hedge trimmer saved lots of time not only it being 24" long but no extension cords to drag. And not to mention it was lighter than I thought.
- stevedohh
“Outstanding 60V Hedge Trimmer”
Had a 20V Toro product in the past which was excellent, but this 60V Hedge Trimmer is outstanding. It is well-balanced, and the rotating handle makes it easy to sculpt our shrubs. I share the batteries between this hedge trimmer and the Toro Flex Force 60V blower.
- rivers
“Hedge trimmer”
Just used yesterday, was great, easy to use. Convenient for me because I have a Toro 60v lawn mower, which I purchased this summer . The mower is awesome, have showed to personal friends who want one also
- Anonymous

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