Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 21″ Power Clear Snow Blower

Our battery-powered snow blower packs what we call “Snowdrift Strength.” It makes busting through thick, crusty drifts feel like a snow day. And it’s got the cordless stamina to clear up to a 18-parked-car driveway on a single charge.


Blows snow. And minds.
Most powerful battery in its class.

All the machine you need to take winter by storm.

All-steel Power Edge™ auger.

This auger is all business. It scoops and sweeps right down to the pavement, clean as a whistle, and crushes snow to the curb. And it's 33% more efficient** at throwing the same amount of snow as competitive machines.

Ever see snow fly 40 feet?

Because that's how far this baby can hurl the white stuff. Even the heavy, wet, white stuff. And the quick-turn chute controls let you put it exactly where you want it.

Guns out even when the sun's not out.

Super-bright panoramic LED lights fire up the night (or the early, early morning) so you can see everything and blast that snow into next week.

60V Max* 21″ Power Clear Snow Blower Models


60V Max* 21″ Power Clear Snow Blower
What Customers Are Saying
“Works good to clear snow down to the pavement”
Can move snow like you would not believe. The battery 60 v system is execllent
- Dsdana27
“Green and works great”
Used our snow blower about 6 times this past winner and did a great job. I was very happy that it even did the heavy snow. I feel good using a green product and it was nice not having to get gas and oil. I highly recommend the Tore electric snowblower.
- Bill6272
“Just Works”
Bought this snow blower a few days before an upcoming storm. Just finished cleaning my driveway. All I can say is "WOW" I am glad I made this purchase. This bad boy had more than enough power to clear the drive way, about 8" of snow with ease. I was even able to clear the snow that the plow left in from of the driveway by working the the mound slowly. All of this on a single charge and with out the smell of gas. Driveway is about 30' x 20'
- Denooc