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Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 157 MPH Brushless Leaf Blower

Our battery-powered leaf blower is an aerodynamic beast. Maximized air speed from a perfectly optimized jet fan create peak efficiency and supercharged airflow. And oh, that turbo boost.


Makes small work of huge piles. Interchangeable battery.
Power like no other.

Feel the need, the need for speed?

The fastest. The blastest.

PowerJet® technology takes you from zero to 157 MPH in 1.3 seconds flat with the push of a button. Up to 605 CFM of awesome air volume. Even heavy, wet leaves are no match.

Brushless motor with RunSmart®

Onboard intel optimizes performance in real time, for more power, more runtime, and longer tool life. Extra power when you need it, the right power when you don't. All good.

Control and comfort. And vice versa.

Variable speed trigger lets you choose exactly how much is enough. Cruise control means no hand cramping. Turbo boost is ready when it's time to bring out the big guns.

60V Max* 157 MPH Brushless Leaf Blower Models


With 4.0Ah Battery and Charger
Model Number: 51822
What's In The Box:
60V Max 600 CFM / 157 MPH Brushless Leaf Blower
60V Max L135 Standard Capacity Battery (4.0Ah)
60V Max Charger (2 Amp)
backlit shot of leaf blower
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