Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* Ultra Capacity Batteries

The one cordless system you need to command a full line of unbeatable electric lawn equipment from handhelds like trimmers and blowers all the way up to the biggest, baddest, most power-hungry tools in our battery-powered lineup.


The interchangeable battery that lets you finish everything without sacrificing anything.

Power Without Compromise.

Most powerful battery in its class.

The highest power output in its class gets the best performance out of your tools. Plus, our future-proof design means as tools become bigger and badder, you already got the baddest battery to power them.

The ultimate pack stack.

Innovative "3P" battery stack design delivers big-time. Giving you 3 times the power, higher max performance, and the ability to push your tools harder, for longer.**

RunSmart® onboard intel.

Optimizes power output and overload protection in real time—for peak performance in the toughest conditions, giving every tool in the Flex-Force line more performance, more runtime, and longer life.

60V Max* Ultra Capacity Batteries Models


60V Max* Standard Capacity Battery (2.0Ah)
Capacity: 108Wh
Weight: 3.7 lbs/1.7 kg
Charge Time:
120 min. (1 Amp Charger)
60 min. (2 Amp Charger)
23 min. (Rapid Charger)
Model Number: 88620
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60V Max* Standard Capacity Battery (2.5Ah)
Capacity: 135Wh
Weight: 3.7 lbs/1.7 kg
Charge Time:
150 min. (1 Amp Charger)
75 min. (2 Amp Charger)
28 min. (Rapid Charger)
Model Number: 88625
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60V Max* High Capacity Battery (4.0Ah)
Capacity: 216Wh
Weight: 5.2 lbs/2.3 kg
Charge Time:
240 min. (1 Amp Charger)
120 min. (2 Amp Charger)
45 min. (Rapid Charger)
Model Number: 88640
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60V Max* Ultra Capacity Battery (6.0Ah)
Capacity: 324Wh
Weight: 6.9 lbs/3.1 kg
Charge Time:
360 min. (1 Amp Charger)
180 min. (2 Amp Charger)
67 min. (Rapid Charger)
Model Number: 88660
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60V Max* Ultra Capacity Battery (7.5Ah)
Capacity: 405Wh
Weight: 7 lbs/3.2 kg
Charge Time:
450 min. (1 Amp Charger)
225 min. (2 Amp Charger)
84 min. (Rapid Charger)
Model Number: 88675
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Toro® 60V Max Ultra Capacity Battery
What Customers Are Saying
“Light and Fast”
I bought this a month ago and was pleasantly surprised at the battery life. I was able to mow my entire yard easily. I blasted through leaves when I didn't bag and bagged nicely when I tried that too.
- markm1
“Cleared ice, snow, and slush with ease”
I was concerned that a battery powered snow blower wouldn't handle Illinois winters but thus far, I am impressed and bragging to my friends. The blower comes neatly packed and is easy to assemble (note that the manual could use better diagrams or explanations for connecting the chute deflector). Battery charges quick and feels solid and high quality. Ran my blower to clear snow with a coat of ice on top. It got through it all, on a three car driveway, and managed to clear the heavy compacted ice at the end of the driveway left by the plows, with 2 bars left on the battery. Very happy with this purchase! Plus, don't have to mess around with gas and oil.
- Anonymous