Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 21″ Super Recycler Mower

Our 60-volt battery-powered mower with Personal Pace® transmission adjusts to you in real time. RunSmart® onboard intel optimizes RPMs and workload. Super Recycler deck keeps cutting and cutting grass clippings for super-fine mulch and no clumps left behind.

Everything about it says (and looks) awesome.

Super Recycler cutting system.

As if the military-grade deck weren't enough. Underneath it, kickers and accelerators keep clippings suspended longer, relentlessly slinging them at our top-line cutting blade that slices and dices ‘em.

3-phase brushless motor with RunSmart®

Onboard intel optimizes RPMs and torque in real time, for more power, more runtime, and longer tool life. Extra power when you need it, less power when you don't. All good.

Self-propelled at your pace.

It's called Personal Pace® for a reason. It's not only self-propelled, it lets you adjust your speed at will, in real time. Your legs, back, and arms will thank us.

60V Max* 21″ Super Recycler Mower Models


Tool Only
Model Number: 21388T
What's In The Box:
60V Max Super Recycler Mower
mower with review stars
What Customers Are Saying
“Powerful and Easy to use”
Hands down, this mower is the best mower I've ever used! It's also my first electric one. I was worried about the power and length of use I would get on a single charge. I have been presently surprised by this mower. On a single charge, I can mow my front and back year. The last time I mowed, the yard was wet, a bit muddy, and covered with leaves. Not only did it mow well, but it also picked up and mulched 90% of the leaves. Because it is electric, you don't have to worry about Gas or Oil. There were two things I love about it that I didn't even think about at first. 1. Without gas, you and your garage don't smell as bad when you are finished. You still smell like you worked out but it isn't mixed with gas! Plus, the garage doesn't smell like gas at all. 2. The push feature on this mower is AWESOME! I was doubtful at first as it seems gimmicky, but it is an amazing feature. The mower responds well and moves as you push it. When you pull back, the acceleration decreases It makes it really easy to use and maneuver while mowing. Overall, a great mower. (Received Free Product)
- jratx2020
This is the first electric lawn mower I have ever used. I was very surprised with the power of the electric motor. It did not faze the motor to go through taller grass. The 60 volt battery is fairly large, but is very powerful. I cut a 1/4 acre lawn and the battery was still half way charged. The grass catcher is pretty easy to install and remove. Overall it is just like a gas mower without the mess. (Received Free Product)
- DenaL
“Super Cycle 60V”
This toro mower is everything, when I received it, the extra box, which now I know is a battery for it, I was blown away. Sleek, no knobs, easy to put together. This is the millennium of all lawn mowers. Mowing the lawn was a breeze, easy to maneuver, not hard to push like some mowers. Highly recommend this beauty. (Received Free Product)
- Mwilkes35

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