Flex-Force Power System®
60V Max* 21″ Super Recycler® Mower

Super Recycler delivers samurai sword sharpness, commercial grade features and best-in-class under-deck airflow with Vortex Technology achieving that rich, green lawn that all your neighbors envy. This machine does everything gas can, minus the gas can.


America’s #1 selling mower brand. Most powerful battery in its class.* 

So many easy ways to up your cutting game.

Personal Pace®Auto-Drive™ with Flex Handle Suspension

Self-propel technology moves in perfect engineered harmony with whatever speed you feel like walking. Just grab the steering wheel-like handle and go--up hills, down hills, and long stretches, it doesn't matter. And that Flex Handle will have you gliding over holes and bumps just like high-end shocks on a luxury car.

3-phase brushless motor with RunSmart®

Onboard intel optimizes RPMs and torque in real time, for more power, more runtime, and longer tool life. Extra power when you need it, less power when you don't. All good.

Vortex Technology

The power of Vortex air intake technology pulls more air into the cutting chamber, creating more airflow and time for the blades to mince grass into ultra-fine bits driven back into your lawn as Lawn Vitamins™

60V Max* 21″ Super Recycler® Mower Models


60V Max* Ultra Capacity Battery (7.5Ah)
Model Number: 21566
What's In The Box:
60V Max 21" Super Recycler Mower
60V Max L405 Ultra Capacity Battery (7.5Ah)
60V Max Charger (2 Amp)